09 January 2013

25pp, alternative to Installous for devices with or without Jailbreak [GUIDE + Video]

After showing a preview of how to download paid apps for free using Kuaiyong , today we offer a solution to download applications directly from iOS, but this time you'll need a Jailbroken device. After the closure of Installous, on the web there are several alternative services, among these we illustrate 25pp . A service is very similar to Installous with the ability to use it on PC and iOS with a dedicated application.

Application designed so graphically detailed, you just find the desired application with a single tap you can start the download. Another advantage is that when you download the MP3 files directly into dvengono aggiungti ringtones, or in your music library. The only downside is the Chinese language, and in this sense we will try to help as much as possible to understand the operation. But let's see how to use the app on your iOS device and subsequently on your computer (with the Guide for PC at the bottom of the article):
| Help iOS - Jailbreak -
Go to Cydia and add the repo: apt.25pp.com
After adding the repo install the App 25pp , as you see in the image below:

At this point, you'll find a new icon on your SpringBoard, you just start to enter and start downloading your applications.

Now you just need to use the application as you normally would with Installous, great service, fast and where you can find many applications, also in Italian. We will try to translate the sections to help you better understand the application.
To download an app you simply make a Tap on the name of the app and then the next one central icon as you see in the image below:

We leave you with a video that shows the application and how it works:

25pp or you can use on your Windows computer, not available for Mac, and you can install the app on devices without Jailbreak, here's how:
Download the Client PP25 for Windows - Download -
IOS compatible devices (with or without jailbreak) - iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPod Touch 4G, iPod Touch 5G, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS - iOS 5 and iOS 6
| Help Computer - Without Jailbreak -
Connect your iOS device to the computer,
You will have only to install and run the Client, choose your app and start the download, then you will see the icon of the app appear on your iOS device.
You're done.

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